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The Brain Scoop (Emily “It still has brains on it” Graslie) – Nature, biology, museum stuff

Physics Girl (Dianna Cowern) – Physics and science stuff.

Simone Giertz (“Queen of shitty robots”) – Creative with technology.

Dr Becky (Dr. Rebecca Smethurst) – Astrophysics, space and black holes.

Vintage Space (Amy Shira Teitel) – Space history, the space race, rockets, moon missions and more.

Curious DroidScience, technology, especially planes and rockets.

KurtzgesagtScience, in a nutshell.

MinutePhysics and MinuteEarthPhysics and environment, presented in brief, manageable packages.

Periodic VideosSir Martyn Poliakoff and Neil Barnes talks about chemicals and what they do.

Scott ManleyScience, rockets and computer games. Fly safe!

Smarter Every Day (Destin Sandlin) – All things science, technology, and basically anything amazing.

Steve MouldScience and other fascinating stuff.

Tom Scott