Viking Burial Mound

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Viking burial mound at Borrehaugene.

This is from Easter Friday. There’s a good number of these mounds, more or less unevenly distributed around an area which is not only vibrating with ancient history, but also well suited for nice, comfortable walks in the warm and sunny spring weather. In fact we should come here more often; after all it’s just a 25 minute drive from our place, and has a Viking history museum right next door.

(And even as late as a few weeks ago, a new, buried ship was found [English] where there was no sign of one before, i.e. no mound built above it.)

As far as final resting places go, though an actual mound like this is not strictly required, whenever my time comes, I, too, would love to have a tree growing from mine.

With birds nesting, squirrels going nuts, and woodpeckers keeping the sleepy owls awake.

I didn’t say I wanted it to be a quiet resting place, now, did I?

From life to life 😊

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With regards to the aforementioned woodpeckers and owls …

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