Starless Night

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Leftmost part of our late evening view last night from the newly installed two seater on our balcony. Facing east, we enjoy a sweeping panorama covering the sky almost all the way from north to south, the valley below, and the hills on the eastern side. A modest mobile phone camera cannot even begin to cover it all, and at this hour, thirty to midnight in late May, there’s not much detail anyway when the sky is clear; even with no clouds it’s far too light for serious stargazing. Only Vega, Altair and Arcturus fight their way through the pale blue air, accompanied by Jupiter to the south, and the Moon further west and around the corner of the house. Given an hour or two, Deneb and perhaps a dozen more stars will become faintly visible in this half of the sky, but nothing more. The sun will keep the northern horizon aglow until morning, and a few hundred miles further north it won’t even bother to set. It’s summer in Norway.

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