Motherboard Lost

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I have absolutely no idea where this came from, or whose motherboard it is, or was, as the case may be.

I can only assume that someone misunderstood about core training, and took her CPU cycles out for a spin. Sadly it seems the whole run time program teraflopped before she’d executed a single circuit. Now the poor thing has overclocked herself and crashed at the local bus stop, on her way home to localhost for a bit of sleep mode and a byte to eat, and hopefully get the bugs out of her system … Yeah, I should probably halt now before I completely bluescreen this terrible compilation of computer puns.

Click image for larger version, or here to view on Flickr.

As for what this piece of discarded tech does here, I’ve no idea. If the owner sees this, please give us a shout.

EDIT: Either the owner came back, or someone else took pity on the board, because, after having lain about in the same spot for almost a week before it finally triggered my itching trigger finger, the next day it was gone.

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