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This website is currently under construction. Cheers!
— The Webhamster

About the Author

Fortyish Norwegian, famously unknown, professional geek and amateur photographer, also married and dad of two, sci-fi nut, whimsical, forgetful, immature and, well, that just about covers it.


If you've encountered me online, in games or otherwise, you may know me as …
This is the one I most commonly use.
The Walking Dad
Gaming nick, mainly in DayZ standalone and ArmaII mods.
Gaming nick, less used than the above, mainly in fantasy style games.

About Photography

I'm a hobby photographer, and post a several of my pictures online in such places as Flickr, Deviantart, Phlog.net (currently out of service). My weapons of choice are a Nikon D7000, and an iPhone 5S, and I do post work (if needed) in Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Elements and Irfanview. Like most photographers I'd be absolutely thrilled by kind words or constructive criticism, and absolutely gobsmacked if anyone wants to buy any of my pictures ;)
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