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This copyright notice is not strictly necessary, but since I have been approached by people who were confused about how copyright works, I have chosen to include it nevertheless. Most of it is really rather simple 🙂

The short of it is this: If I made it, it is mine.


Copyright © for all images and written material on this blog lies with the author and blog owner (signature name inshadowz, full name Bjørnar Andre Haveland), except where other sources are indicated. I have chosen not to blemish every single blog post with an extensive copyright notice. According to the Berne Convention, copyright automatically befalls the creator of the work, and no copyright notice, mark or registration is required. This works pretty much the same way in most countries. You are also allowed to download and print content from the blog for your personal use, or use excerpts of it under Fair Use, but not to pass it off as your own work or make money off of it.

Some external material such as quoted texts and images are included under Fair Use or Creative Commons. I try to the best of my ability to stay within the rules, however I am not infallible, and as such may on odd occasions unintentionally mess up. If you are the owner and/or copyright holder of any image found here and object to it being displayed, or require a different or more thorough accreditation, a simple message will be sufficient to have it removed or edited as swiftly as humanly possible. There’s no need to work up a lawyer bill.

Furthermore, like any other blogger, I appreciate exposure. If you’d like to share links to any of my posts with friends or with the world at large, on your own blog, on Facebook or Twitter, or anywhere else, feel free to do so. All I ask in return is that you leave a comment below the post in question to let me know 🙂

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If you’re still not sure how copyright works, you may want to read up on …

Best regards,

inshadowz a.k.a. Bjørnar Andre Haveland

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